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Customer Reviews

“I once ordered a balloon called the baby girl sleeping balloon for my three year old daughter on her birthday through Fast Flower Delivery. I was astonished by the excellent service provided by Fast Flower Delivery as I previously have had some bitter experiences with other florists in town. What’s more – FFD also delivers same day flowers in my hometown Oakwood!!”

White Roses And Freesia
5 / 5 stars

“I had ordered a Wallace Bear through Fast Flower Delivery for my little daughter who is a teddy bear fanatic and has this huge collection of teddy bears in her room. She keeps asking me for more, and to be honest until Fast Flower Delivery came into the picture, I was flummoxed as to where to source new teddies from. But a ton of thanks to FFD for their timely and valuable help!!”

White Roses And Freesia
5 / 5 stars

“I used the service of Fast Flower Delivery in order to send flowers and a traditional bear soft toy for my best friend’s little daughter in Oakwood. The customer care representatives of Fast Flower Delivery were very competent and knowledgeable, and they completed the task perfectly too!!”
50 Tulips
5 / 5 stars

Questions and Answers

Q. What if the flowers arrive without any floral food?

A. Our flowers are shipped directly from the farms and hence the flower food is not included in the flower packet sometimes. Flower food is used to artificially extend the vase life of the flowers. So, don’t worry if you receive your flowers without any flower food, just take care of them as advised and the flowers will not disappoint you.

Q. Do you use water tubes for your flowers while delivering?

A. No, we at Fast Flower Delivery don’t use water tubes for flowers while delivering and that’s because we use a different hydration method to prepare the flowers for the transportation journey. Before the transportation process begins, we hydrate the flowers properly and keep them in an ideal condition, to be precise in temperature-controlled vehicles. Thus, our flowers remain perfectly fresh and healthy when they reach your doorstep.

Q. Why do my roses look bad on the outside?

A. The roses need to be groomed upon arrival. Cut the stems diagonally from below, remove all the foliage and the guard petals and finally hydrate them with water. The roses may seem to be bad or brown on the outside but actually such appearance is of the guard petals which has to plucked and removed before finally having the beautiful rose that you desire.

Fresh Flowers Delivery In Oakwood

We at Fast Flower Delivery have the following motto at the core of our service: ‘To deliver more than just flowers!!’ By this we mean that we will not only deliver your flowers the way you want to your loved ones, but also convey your innermost feelings and emotions through our flowers. Our flowers will exactly express the personal and abstract message that you want to convey to your loved one. And we take pride in the fact that this is possible only due to the beautifully styled floral and non-floral arrangements that we offer. Also, we ship flowers while they are still in their bud form alongwith their guard petals.

Fast Flower Delivery will help you by having all your desired flowers delivered anywhere in Oakwood. We at Fast Flower Delivery do not provide artificial floral food with our flowers. The FFD flowers are well-prepared for the transportation process and hence most of them don’t need the flower food. We at FFD are staunch believers in sourcing the flowers, storing them and also transporting them in the most eco-friendly way possible. We deliver organically grown roses, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, dried wreaths and daisies. The assortment of floral bouquets that we have is extremely pretty and eye-catching. The category of birthday flowers is the main highlight of our website and we can deliver the birthday flowers in each and every corner of Oakwood where our customers want us to.

So, come to us and make your little world consisting of you and your loved ones a truly extravagant one with the ravishing flowers of Fast Flower Delivery!!