We at Fast Flower Delivery are known for our Customer-centric Service, for which we have received several accolades and recognitions from all the respected quarters of Society. Fast Flower Delivery is known for the quality of flowers it offers for all occasions like Anniversary flowers and Mother's Day flowers in East Dulwich and also for its many Customer-friendly policies.

For example, if it happens that a customer calls us to order flowers of his/her desire and we at Fast Flower Delivery do not have that specific variety with us, then after informing the customer about the situation, we will also inform him/her about other alternative varieties or colours of equivalent quality or higher. We at FFD never ship flowers without receiving a confirmation or permission from the customer.

We at Fast Flower Delivery also offer free advice and suggestions on everything related to flowers. Many issues can arise out of transporting or storing flowers. For example: If the flowers open too fast, then there are chances that they will pass their peak by the time the event, for which they were ordered, takes place. But we at Fast Flower Delivery have our own exclusive team of floral experts who have all the flowery tricks up their sleeve. So here are the tricks by our floral experts for slowing down the opening process of flower's: First and foremost, make sure that your flowers are in fresh and cool water. Secondly, place them in a dry but cool area, for example a cool refrigerator. But before placing the flowers in the refrigerator, remove all the other items from the refrigerator like fruits and vegetables. This is because the chemicals from them may harm the flowers. The flowers should never be frozen or placed directly in the cold drafts. Also, keep the flowers out of direct sunlight or to be precise in a dark location like a garage or basement.

So, follow the above advice provided by the florist of Fast Flower Delivery, and be assured of getting regaled by the captivating flowers of FFD on the day of your event, just as you wanted!!