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Customer Reviews

“I had ordered Anniversary flowers to be delivered to my wife at my home in Crystal Palace through Fast Flower Delivery service on the occasion of our fifth wedding anniversary, and they did their job fantastically. Not a single factor on which I can complain. Great job FFD!!”

White Roses And Freesia
5 / 5 stars

“It was a party organized by me for my sister on the night before her wedding; me and my friends decided to have some fun, so we ordered bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne from Fast Flower Delivery, and the FFD guys got us the bottles in the evening itself. Thank You FFD!!”

White Roses And Freesia
5 / 5 stars

“The Fast Flower delivery florist in Crystal Palace sells some great quality soft toys, that little children like my six year old daughter can play with. They are made up of the finest quality material that are not toxic like most of the toys available today are. Keep up the good work FFD!!”
50 Tulips
5 / 5 stars

Questions and Answers

Q. I have heard that flowers like sunshine; Is it true? If yes, should I put my floral arrangement in the sun when I get it?

A. Flowers like sunshine only when they are growing and not when they are cut. And hence, you should never put your floral arrangement in direct sunlight because the flowers in the arrangement are cut. So they will start wilting if you place them in direct heat and sunlight. Always place your cut flowers away from the sun to make them last longer without getting droopy.

Q. How can I revive a wilted Rose?

A. A wilted rose can only be revived sometimes and not always. And if you want to do so, remove the rose from the arrangement and lay it horizontally in a sink filled with warm water. Now keeping the rose in the warm water, cut the stem of the rose diagonally from below with a sharp knife. After cutting off a little bit of stem, leave the rose in the bath till the water cools down. Lo and behold!! You will have a revived rose.

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on the trees, flowers, clouds and stars.”      – Martin Luther King

The above statement by the great humanitarian and Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King conveys everything about flowers, their importance and their divine connection. And we at Fast Flower Delivery have glued the above lines to our heart and soul and that we believe is the reason for our reputation as one of the most popular flower delivery services in the United Kingdom. We believe that the flowers that we buy for our loved ones should rightly convey all our emotions. In a way, flowers are the carriers of our feelings.

We help our customers in Crystal Palace source the flowers that are right for the special day in their lives, and we do it through our local florist there in Crystal Palace. They will deliver to you same day flowers that are in perfect shape and freshness. Our florist also delivers Mothers Day flowers and Valentine's Day flowers anywhere in Crystal Palace. The prices of the flowers provided by us are very reasonable, and our floral designers understand the need of the customers to the hilt. This is because we always strive to deliver the flowers with our own personal touch. And this is the reason why almost all of our floral arrangement designs are unique. The floral products are of high quality and they are delivered in fresh water packets so that the flowers do not wilt. Moreover, Fast Flower Delivery also provides floral preservatives so that the quality of the flowers is maintained. The floral preservatives or in other words the floral food that we provide is made up of sucrose, biocides and acidifiers – all of which keep the cut flowers healthy and bright.

So, if you are looking to send flowers to your loved ones in Crystal Palace and win their hearts and love, then have us deliver the flowers for you and see our flowers create the magic you desire!!


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